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Testimonial from JP Wittstock of Reptiles Unlimited

To whom it may concern

Reptiles Unlimited is a private reptile breeding facility focussed on breeding high end, quality captive bred reptiles for the ever increasing pet trade since 1997.

Reptiles Unlimited was involved with the development of Snake Repel during the initial stages when it was decided that a non toxic snake repellent was required to safeguard not only people from snakes, but also to minimise the instances where snakes came into contact with humans, thus saving the snakes from humans too.

Snake Repel was developed over a number of years to the Department of Agriculture approved formulation that it is now. Snake Repel is a non toxic repellent that works on a snake’s olfactory senses through a very sensitive organ known as the Jacobson’s organ. The Jacobson’s organ which is a chemoreceptor (sense organ that responds to chemicals) is responsible for the snake interpreting the various smell particles picked up by the flicking tongue. Between flicks the tongue nestles into the Jacobson’s organ where the stimulus is transmitted to the olfactory bulbs within the brain, this interprets the smell particles into smell sensations. Snake Repel is specifically designed to be interpreted by the Jacobson’s organ as a “threat” and for the snake to move away. This obviously is in a natural environment and not when the snake is under duress. A snake under duress will instinctively react to its primal flight or fight response, so confining, cornering, spraying Snake Repel around a snake or directly onto it could lead to a confrontation where the snake feels it has to defend itself.

Snake Repel is most effective when applied to areas around a house or even along fence lines. Snakes moving towards this line of Snake Repel will instinctively turn around and change direction away from your home. Reptiles Unlimited attends to hundreds of snake call outs each year and I have no hesitation in recommending Snake Repel to the home owners, most of whom never have reason to call me again.

I highly recommend the use of Snake Repel by home owners, campers, field researchers and just about anyone who is likely to come into contact with snakes in the natural environment.

JP Wittstock
Cell: 083 787 6681


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